The Steam Platform: Promises And Challenges — An Alternative PC Gaming OS

I wrote this piece for Gameranx, on some of the challenges facing Valve’s new SteamOS, and what it might mean for PC gaming, I’m really keen to see where Valve are going with the Steam Platform, and there’s a lot to be excited about in last week’s announcements, but also a lot of potential pitfalls.


200 Games, 200 Words: 6 – Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

I got to write a review  of the new Amnesia game from The Chinese Room for Games.On.Net. And I loved the game. Until it stopped being that game, and dragged out way, way too long, and got just kind of silly.


Anyway, read the review. I’m going to use this to elaborate further, outside of the review format, and without having to worry about spoilers. Hence:


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