About Macrotransactions

This blog is for my attempts to engage in conversations on games that need more space than Twitter allows me. Any conversation is an exchange of ideas, a transaction. Twitter used to be called microblogging, and its form micro-sizes everything into bite-sized chunks, without room for nuance or development. It allows small exchanges of big ideas: microtransactions. I’ve historically been absolutely terrible at finding ways to express my ideas with any of the complexity or nuance I feel necessary within the constraints of Twitter’s form. Consequently, I’m trying to adopt a rule I’m taking from Todd Harper, that anything I feel the need to make more than three Tweets about should become a blog post instead. We’ll see how well I can stick to that. Part of how I want to do that is to try not to feel like every blog entry has to be 800-5000 words of in-depth analysis and discussion, or even include the semi-related images that seem to be mandatory for blogging these days. Posts just have to be longer than three tweets. That means 421 characters (give or take @replies) is the minimum length for a post on this blog.


About Me

I’m fascinated by games in lots of ways. I currently teach video game development at JMC Academy, focusing on game design, level design and project management. I’ve conducted research on video game spaces for my Masters, focusing on maps and navigational aids. And for a while I was doing a doctoral research project looking at what it is that open-world games do that allows players to experience something like the sense of place people get from real-world spaces, despite the differences between experiencing a space in a video game and one in the real world. I’ve written reviews for Games.On.Net and published pieces about various aspects of games on other sites, including The Conversation and Gameranx. I’m looking for more places to publish, and more excuses to write about games.


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