200 Games, 200 Words: 12 – Fallout 4


Home, sweet self-built home

The most consistent thing in Fallout 4 is its theme of rebuilding, and this comes through in most of the game’s prominent mechanical systems, not just the story. It’s about making a new life in a new world, rather than trying to go back to the way things were before. You have to tear down the remains of the old world to build the new, whether this means dismantling junk for parts to build your new settlement, or opposing the forces that resist the new world in whatever form they take.

Unfortunately, in many other respects, Fallout 4 is deeply disappointing.

Photo 5-03-2015 10 00 47 am.jpg

Robot racetrack-themed shooting gallery

The main story missions give a little taste of complexity and ambiguity, forcing the player to make some hard choices to progress. But the story misses so many opportunities to do more sophisticated and interesting things with its plot, and imbue its characters and factions with more depth. And more broadly, it’s immensely disappointing that Fallout 4 so frequently reduces all interaction with its world or characters to combat. So many times I just wanted to talk to Raiders and find out what their deal was, but all I could do was shoot them.


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