200 Games, 200 Words: 4 – Dishonored

Replaying Dishonored recently confirmed most of my initial feelings about it, with one notable exception: I found the stealthy approach a lot easier than the first time. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t from memorising things or practice with the game, since I haven’t played it in a year. And I found the same thing with Deus Ex: Human Revolution as well, when I replayed that recently. I suspect that, somehow, something has clicked in my head in the intervening time, that makes me “get” stealth gameplay. Maybe I just have more patience, since stealth games typically require a lot of that.

Violence is bad.

If you are seeing this while playing Dishonored, you are a bad person.

Apart from that: the American accents still bugged me, but less so since I expected them. I do understand that that was a deliberate aesthetic choice, I just think it was a poor choice, one that doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the game’s aesthetic, which evokes nothing more so than the popular understanding of Victorian and/or Industrial Revolution Britain. I also think it’s problematic to give players the option of stealth or combat approaches, but then explicitly tell them that stealth is the morally correct choice. Dishonored gives players a wide range of tools, and then tells them not to use about half of them, and then also tells them they’re bad people if they do use them.


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