200 Games, 200 Words: Introduction

I’m writing more game reviews these days, but with my PhD work taking over more of my attention, I’m not writing about the other games I’m playing very much. I’ll often talk about what I’m playing on Twitter, but it’s the nature of Twitter as a medium that any comment is fleeting, and gone in an instant. The restriction of thinking in 140 characters is also not particularly good for any kind of nuance or specificity, which is a big part of why I started this blog in the first place.

In the hope of correcting this, I’m taking inspiration from a music blogger I know, and aiming to write 200 words about 200 games, as I play them. They won’t be reviews, but thoughts on a game, and these won’t just be new games, or even games I’m playing for the first time. They’ll just be whatever I’ve been playing recently. I’m hoping that a strict, short wordcount, and a strict, frequent timetable will force me to write as I play, rather than feeling like I have to develop these thoughts enough to fill out an 800-1200 word blog post before writing anything at all. I’ll be posting these pieces roughly every five days, so that’s once or twice a week, and I’ve built up a little bit of a backlog in case I get slack.

The first one will go up tomorrow morning.


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