Steam Sale Golden Rules

In case you haven’t seen them elsewhere, three golden rules for Steam sales:

1) Don’t buy anything you know you won’t play before the next sale in six months’ time, where things will be just as cheap if not cheaper.

2) Don’t buy any game that’s not a Daily, Flash or Community deal until the last day (some exceptions apply), even if it’s been one of the above already, especially since the best deals will come back on the last day.

3) If a game is a Daily, Flash or Community deal, it won’t go cheaper during the sale, and remember that major games will be all of the above at least once.


Steam Summer Sale 2013: Price Matches That Give More To Creators

The Steam sale gets lots of sales for indie games, and is awesome for indie developers in general. But there’s a way to make it more awesome for indie developers: a number of games currently discounted on Steam or set to go on sale are being price-matched by their creators via the Humble Store. The Humble Store gives devs 95% of the purchase price, vs. the 70% they get from Steam. And you still get a Steam key, so you get to have the game on Steam either way.¬†Also, if games on this list are further discounted, as Flash or Daily deals, they’ll most likely get matched to the lower price. Continue reading